Where Is RDA (Raymond Terrace and Lower Hunter) 

Our facility is approximately 4kms north of Raymond Terrace on the Pacific Highway. The RTA has placed a blue directional sign on the median strip, indicating where to turn off on both the north and south- bound carriage-ways of the highway. 

Going north look for this sign, just past the Irrawang Spillway, which  is  the second over-flow of Grahamstown Dam.

Contact us on:

The Centre office, located in the main building of our facility at Irrawang Park, is open from 9.00am-2.00pm Monday to Thursday. The office closes over Christmas/New Year and re-opens in late January.

Who Are We ?

RDA is a registered charity, our centre is run by a committee of volunteers. We rely on the efforts of volunteers as well as parents, carers and interested people to help each other and more importantly our riders.

Our centre also employs a caretaker and a part-time administration officer.

What We Do ?

We provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to use horse related activities for recreational and therapeutic purposes. Horses are able to provide a unique stimulus for these purposes.

From their lessons riders gain benefits including:

  • Physical benefits including balance, muscle strength and co-ordinanation.
  • Psychological benefits including self-confidence, a sense of well-being and patience.
  • Social benefits including new friendships, a respect and love for animals and enjoyment.
  • Educational benefits including reading/writing improvement, sequencing and planning eye/hand co-ordination.

The activities we offer our riders at Raymond Terrace RDA include:

  • General Riding
  • Carriage Driving
  • Dressage
  • Hippotherapy

General Riding gives our riders the opportunity to learn to horse ride. Each rider can be assigned up to a three person volunteer team, consisting of a LEADER and TWO SIDE WALKERS. As the rider's ability and confidence increases, the number of helpers in the team is decreased.

Carriage Driving is particularly suited to teenage and adult participants with the ability to sit upright unsupported in an open horse carriage and hold a set of reins. The aim is to teach riders to drive as independently as possible. Riders may ultimately enter competitions. During a driving session, a pony and carriage are used, requiring a volunteer team of 1 RDA Whip (Coach) who sits in the carriage with the rider and two helpers who remain on the ground.

Dressage includes all the normal horse riding skills, ie. starting, stopping, riding straight lines, doing various sized circles and movements, etc. A rider must be at least eleven years of age. Riders may ultimately enter competitions. Volunteers help dressage riders by leading and or side walking.

Hippotherapy literally means "Treatment with the help of the horse". Clients most likely to be involved in a Hippotherapy program, are between three and ten years of age, have a disability such as Cerebral Palsy, or have impaired body control. It is a unique form of therapy, which can help balance, posture, mobility and function. The Hippotherapy team consists of a well-trained horse; a practising Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist, specially accredited in Hippotherapy techniques; a qualified Hippotherapy horse handler and two trained volunteer side walkers. 

Meet Our Horses and Ponies

Meet the horses and ponies that work so hard at bringing therapy, friendship, freedom and above all else Enjoyment to our riders.

Click here to see our wonderful horses and ponies.

How Can I Help ?

We need volunteers to help with many activities that will allow us to offer our riders the very best riding experiences.

Volunteers are needed to help with:

1. Riding Activities

This includes assistance with:

  • Grooming and saddling horses
  • Caring for the horses after classes and returning the equipment
  • Leading the horses
  • Mounting riders on horses
  • Side walking beside the riders on horses

Experience with horses is not a requirement for this volunteer role, but a willingness to work closesly with horses is necessary.

Riding Activities Volunteers may choose to help on a particular weekday or every second Saturday morning. See our schedule here

2. Program Co-ordination

Each day's Program Co-ordinator looks after much of the non-riding aspects of that day's sessions. Co-ordinators maintain records, handle money and receipting, liase with the Centre office; ensuring that information gets to coaches, volunteers, riders, parents, carers and/or schools (via teachers) who accompany riders. However, Program Co-ordinators can be asked to "jump-in" if required to help with horse-related activities.

3. Grounds Maintenance

This includes:

  • Gardening
  • Lawncare
  • Handyman jobs
  • General cleaning
  • Washing horse rugs
  • Cleaning items (tack) used for horse riding.

Volunteers for Grounds Maintenance may choose to help anytime.

4. Fundraising

As we receive no government funding, we are always looking for volunteers who can help us with marketing and fundraisaing events throughout the year. Fresh ideas for fundraising activities would be very much welcomed and appreciated.

3. Catering

At different times throughout the year, we need volunteers to help cater in our kitchen when we have a function onsite. This could be for a Dressage Day, the Mounted Games or an Open Day. In 2015, we will need volunteers to help on dates to be advised.

We are also looking for volunteers to help for 2-4 hours when we cook a fundraising BBQ at eithe Bunnings or Masters. In 2015, we will need volunteers to help cater on dates to be advised.

Volunteering to help with Catering is a great way to meet our RDA family of helpers and an opportunity to learn a little more about RDA. 

When Are Volunteers Needed ?

Volunteers are needed for Riding Activities which are scheduled as follows. Volunteers should choose a program for the same day per week that they can commit to weekly.


Volunteers for Grounds Maintenance may choose to help anytime.

Volunteers for Catering should consider the opportunities found here

Volunteers for Fundraising or Marketing should contact Vicki in our office on

02 4987 1402 or by email: raymondterrace@rdansw.org.au

Prospective Volunteers Who Are Keen To Know More

1.Further information can be found in the Handbook For Volunteers, Helpers, Riders, Parents & Carers here

2. Please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Judy Edwards through the form to set out your preferred volunteer days/times/program of interest, and clarify any questions you may have. 

Please use the form below to send us an email.
 Security code

3. All adult volunteers are legally required to have a Working With Children Check completed before starting to volunteer at RDA. This process is simple and free of charge.

Volunteers are not required to have a Working With Children Check until they are 18 years of age. The Centre cannot apply on your behalf.

You must provide the letter of confirmation (by email or post) to our Volunteer Co-ordinator before commencing to volunteer.

To arrange a Working With Children Check:

a. Visit the website:


  • Click on the big blue "Start Here" button on the right hand side.
  • On the next page click on the green "Apply For Your Check" button on the right hand side.
  • Then click on the blue "Continue and Apply" button.
  • Fill in the form noting that the "Purpose For Check" is Volunteer and the Child Related Sector is Disability

Alternatively phone (02) 9286 7219 where a Customer Support Officer will assist you with your application. 

b. Once you have applied for your Working With Children Check you will be issued with an Application Receipt. You must take this Application Receipt, along with some personal identification, to your local RMS registry office. The RMS will then finalise and send off your application. 

c. Once the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian has performed the check, they will send you a letter confirming your ability to work with children. Please send our Volunteer Co-ordinator Judy Edwards - volunteerco.rda@outlook.com a copy of this letter by email or post. She will then contact you to advise when you can begin volunteering with RDA.

4. On your first day at RDA you will be required to complete an orientation/induction which will include completing a Volunteer Details Form. 


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