News » Laing O’Rourke and Select Community Investment Days at RDA Raymond Terrace

Laing O’Rourke and Select Community Investment Days at RDA Raymond Terrace

Released 7/10/2015

Laing O’Rourke maintain the railway lines in the Hunter region and Select provide heavy plant and machinery.

Greg Charmers (Bluey) is an SES volunteer in the Port Stephen’s Unit at Raymond Terrace and works at Laing O’Rourke and spoke with Mr Caretaker (Local Controller, same unit) and asked if we had any ideas of how they could help us with two days of volunteering.

Mr Caretaker suggested that there were a number of things that we would be delighted that they could do for us which included replacing the fence on the front of the Over the Hill paddock, some work on the entrance way to the site and to resurfacing the driveway following erosion due to the super storm in April. To protect the horses from the searing sun a shelter was something that we could do with in the Kennedys / Rosemary’s Arena and Jenny Craig Paddocks. Also they have electricians so could check out the lighting in the arena and make sure all were working safely.

On Wednesday/Thursday of the first week of the school holidays in Sept 2015 approx. 10 people per day turned up to complete the tasks:

  • The whole of the fencing was removed from the front of Over the Hill and the ground drilled, the fence posts inserted, the wiring restrung and the gateway was removed and the gate rehung in a better position to prevent horses getting trapped as in the previous funnel configuration. They also removed a tree that was in front of it.
  • No wooden posts could be found to put up the shelter, so they kindly dug deep and purchased polished steel poles and concrete on day one and on the second day attached the Sail Shade which had been provided by Salamander Bay Shopping Centre Management to whom we also owe a debt of gratitude. The left over concrete was poured into the hole that had resulted from the April storm at the side of the cattle grid in the entrance to the site, was topped up with more rocks and covered in road base.
  • Bulldozers and rollers were on hand for when a truck and dog and 2 further trucks turned up with road base to resurface the driveway from the entry gate up to the top of Kennedys. A much more comfortable drive is now afforded along this stretch.
  • Elevated Work Platforms were on hand to enable their volunteers to check all the light fittings in the arena and whilst they were up there they used hand brushes to clean the light shades, the result is that all lights are now working and the lights appear to be much brighter.

We are most delighted with the outcome of all their efforts, so offer a huge thank you to all the volunteers and management of Laing O’Rourke and Select for everything they were able to do for us. It is partnerships like this with local companies that enable us to continue to provide such a valuable service to the public with the use of our therapy horses. So on behalf of our riders, horses, volunteers and management team – a big THANK YOU all….

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