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Hair to Spare – by Janet Hudson

Released 8/11/2014

Some of you may know that last year Isobel grew and then had her hair cut and gave it to the Cancer Council to make a wig for someone going through cancer treatment. That got me thinking that perhaps I too could do the same so I started to grow my hair from May 2013 onwards.

In Feb/Mar this year one of my colleagues, Ian, asked me when I was going to get my hair cut as it was looking a bit scruffy. I told him I wasn’t offended by his remarks and told him about my plans to give my hair to the Cancer Council. He suggested that a much better idea would be to have it all shaved off and he would give good money to sponsor me to do so. Initial shock over I agreed I would do it and because he talked to our colleagues about it I suddenly had over $300 pledged for the cause.

The cause you ask, what cause – well because I am planning on giving my hair to the Cancer Council I thought it would be a great gesture to raise them some funds too and because I am a volunteer here at RDA that I would raise funds for them – so whatever is raised will be shared 50:50 between them and a wig.

Not many days passed without a comment from Ian about how beautiful my hair was and when was I going to get it cut.  It’s amazing what guilt can do to a guy and he even suggested that I didn’t have to go through with it, but I said I would so it was still going ahead.

A few months back my friend Kaye, from church, came to me and told me she admired what I was doing and would like to join me. As you can imagine that was a moving gesture and brought tears to my eyes as I thought that no one else would want to do something so outlandish. A few days later Vicki, another friend from church came and told me she would like to join in too and they both agreed that we would share all the proceeds between Cancer Council and RDA.

So here we are today, three ladies ready to go bald for the Hair to Spare (thanks to Carol for the venture title). Wow!!!!!

We have all had different approaches to fund raising – mine has been through facebook, emails and face to face with a bake sale to follow in a couple of weeks to celebrate that I did this gesture for people everywhere going through cancer treatment. My dad has had skin cancer.

Kaye is a cancer survivor and is still being looked after through the health services – she has run a couple of raffles with prizes of her art work plus the social media and direct approaches.

Vicki has a few family members who have gone through cancer and/or have disabilities as neither discriminate as to who is affected. She has done the social media bit; she is also selling off a holiday to the highest bidder and hoping to run a coffee morning in the next couple of weeks to boost our funds.

Now for the surprise element – a couple of weeks back some SES colleagues of Phil, my other half, gave him $60 towards Hair To Spare so long as he has his hair, beard and mustache shaved. So this is why we also have a man on our team tonight. Phil’s mum, aunty and grandma all had cancer so again a close to the heart cause for him too.

A huge thank you to the three/two ladies Emma, Kristy & Lisa from ‘All About You’ – Hairdressers in Raymond Terrace for agreeing to come and join in the fun.

We have raised over $3000 prior to our arrival here tonight. Thanks for coming along and we hope you all enjoy the spectacle.  Janet, Kaye, Vicki and Phil, thank you everyone.

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