News ยป Fifth Annual Volunteer Awards Presentation

Fifth Annual Volunteer Awards Presentation

Released 16/11/2012

The Fifth Annual Volunteer Awards Presentation took a different format this year and was celebrated with a High Tea, just for a change of pace.  It was held on Monday 12 November and got off to a good start with a perfect weather day, allowing our volunteers and visitors to enjoy a glass of punch on the Murphy’s room balcony.

All were present by 10.45am, so the proceedings got underway. The room was delightfully set up by a band of willing helpers, who added the finishing touches to the layered cake platters as all were seated.

Judy Edwards welcomed our visitors and Life Members and thanked our dedicated Volunteers for attending. As coffee and tea was served there was plenty of noisy chatter reverberating through the room.  This was a good sign that all were enjoying the refreshments, company and food delicacies.

To the formal part of the day.  This day gives us an opportunity to acknowledge our Volunteers on whom the running of RDA depends.  The hours they so generously give, to provide an opportunity for our riders to enjoy and extend themselves by riding, is much appreciated.

In recognition for years of service, Volunteer Service Badges were given out to our 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 awardees. These were presented by Jack Henry, our past Volunteer Coordinator.

The Young Volunteer of the Year was presented to Hayden Spearpoint by Aletia Pepperall, who has first hand knowledge of the help he has given to the Monday night Dressage program.  Then onto the Volunteer Encouragement Award presented by Jan Sharp to Jenny Nicholls, followed by Volunteer of the Year presented by George Sinclair to Judy Edwards.  Our Rider of the Year was won by Jordan Brown, and only fitting that his coach, Wendy Murray, present it to him.  No one could dispute the Horse of the Year, that went to Wedge, and was happily accepted by Isabel Taylor, our Horse Manager.

Two special posthumous awards were made this year to two of our long term dedicated volunteers who have passed away in recent times.  Lisa Coster was there with Janelle Pearce to accept an Excellence In Volunteering Award on behalf of her mother Margie Englebach, who was a long time volunteer and Coach at our Centre and many others around NSW.

Colin Campbell was also honoured with the same award due to his dedication to Thursday program and in particular the Musical ride which has won many accolades around the world.  We were pleased to have Deidre Campbell and their daughter Fiona present to accept the award.

Thank you to all those who helped with the High Tea catering and clean up, making it a successful morning out for all.

For more information about individual awards, please visit our Achievements Page

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