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Companion Credit Union Regional Mounted Games

Released 17/09/2012

On Sunday the 16th of September we could not of asked for a more perfect day for the 2012 Companion Credit Union Regional Mounted Games. The sun was shining and RDA was coming to life with people running around everywhere.  We had 25 Riders compete in the Flags, Bending, Barrels and Keyhole Races and all horses behaved exceptionally well.  A buckskin by the name of Jackson, from RDA Central Coast, had a little buck whilst starting the barrels, but the rider stayed on and rode it out.

All Riders rode extremely well and we had some close ties between first and second place.  Robert Deeves was awarded the Encouragement Trophy for all his hard effort and persistence in riding and enjoying his day at RDA.

RDA Central Coast joined us for the day with their entourage of 30 people.  We had a mass of people around our centre to celebrate the rider’s whilst they participated.  Thanks to Jenny, Terri and Barry and every one else who helped provide us with a beautiful morning tea and a sausage sizzle lunch, for a small fee, to help our Centre.  A great big thanks goes to our time keepers of the day, and to Judy Edwards who ran our Mounted Games Day and to all the volunteers who took time out to come and help our riders participate.

We would also like to thank Companion Credit Union for their ongoing support of our Centre. Companion Credit Union provided sponsorship in 2011 to purchase the presentation ribbons for three years. They also provided drink bottles for all participants, and loaned us their marquee for the day.

In true horsey style, the best part of the end of my day was seeing the Central Coast Horses trying to get loaded onto their horse float, with the horses wearing the covering long boots whilst travelling and buckskin Jackson kicking up his back feet and being unsure how to walk in these long legged blue boots.

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