News ยป A Tribute To Noel Masters

A Tribute To Noel Masters

Released 23/08/2014

It is with much sadness that we inform you that our Riding For The Disabled member and friend Noel Masters has passed away quietly and comfortably at the Mater Hospice on Wednesday 11th June 2014. A number of years ago Noel was interviewed by a journalist and gave a personal account of Riding For The Disabled.

On being asked why he volunteered for this organisation he replied:

I like putting smiles on kids faces. I always give the same answer when asked about Riding for the Disabled. I could have said that I get great satisfaction in giving up my time every Thursday and that I feel better about myself for doing so. Up to a point this is true but it goes much further. It's all about the kids. Time is no sacrifice when you see the joy the disabled experience while being led around the RDA arena on docile horses.

At the same time the kids unwittingly play a reverse role by putting a smile on MY face. I've seen "first-timers" tremble with trepidation when mounted then relax as they gain confidence on horseback and respond to the calm reassurances of the leaders and walkers.

I’ve watched the eagerness and excitement of some while they wait their turn to be helped into the saddle. Just a couple of reasons why it means so much to be part of RDA and connect with a wonderful team of people. The volunteers and support staff and teachers have impressed me with their dedication, compassion and sensitivity.

It's worth volunteering but for newcomers it can be confronting and some don't stay the course. RDA needs volunteers and for anyone with time on their hands I'd recommend they give it a go.


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