Sex:  Mare (female),
Age:  approx. 20 years old.
Height:  13 Hands 1 inch
Colour:  Chestnut
Ownership: Long lease to RDA from Anne-Marie McQualter and family.


In her early years, whilst living in Tamworth, Sprinkles went to the Tamworth Pony Club competitions with both Katie and Lauren (Anne-Marie’s daughters). Look how sprightly she looks here.

Lauren was keen on showing her and was awarded many ribbons at the New England Quarter Horse Hack shows at Moonbi. Sprinkles best result was being awarded a Reserve Champion Hack against a good friend by the name of Gary Collier (since deceased) who was at that time awarded the Best Hack Rider in Australia, which was fabulous result.

Sprinkles’ family always held their local football club’s Christmas parties at their place in Tamworth and Lauren would dress up in a Santa suit and deliver all the presents to the children.  Sprinkles would be adorned with tinsel and antlers and then Lauren would ride her into a large group of people and just stand there and enjoy all the attention whilst the pressies were handed out.

When Sprinkles family moved back to Newcastle they had many phone calls wanting to buy Sprinkles but they couldn’t bear to part with her. Then Katie had a brilliant idea that Sprinkles would make a great pony for the RDA and a phone call was made. Isabel, RDA Horse Manager went out to see her and picked her up on the 9 May 2011. Sprinkles has now been with RDA for over 4 years.

Due to Sprinkles lovely nature she has become a firm favourite of riders, coaches and volunteers and is one of our most hard working ponies, especially in the last couple of years.

In 2015 Sprinkles along with her rider Kristy qualified to go to the RDA State Dressage competition in Sydney. Riding in the indoor arena there was quite a unique experience due to the acoustics and Kristy had a difficult job holding onto her and getting her to halt. It was heard that the judge kept saying “whoa your pony, whoa your pony” just before she took a dislike to the limitation of doing dressage inside and decided to go show jumping and took off out of the arena much to the hilarity of those involved. Thankfully she was soon back under control and Kristy was none the worse for the experience.

Sprinkles was acting strangely in the week leading up to the mounted games on August 1st 2015; she kept reaching round and catching hold of her reins or lead rope and chewing and chewing on them causing concern for her leaders that something was amiss. We took her saddle off and checked her skin but couldn’t find any lumps or bumps. It may even have been a case of missing her friend Suzi. Whatever the ultimate reason we decided to give her a few days off and within a week she was back to her old self.

More recently, as part of the Ride-a-thon the volunteers had fun with a new rider and Sprinkles wasn’t in the least bit phased.

In the second session Debbie rode Sprinkles and had a whale of a time completing our obstacle course with assistance from our able volunteers.

We hope you have enjoyed our representation of Sprinkles and if you would like to sponsor her please go to the Share a Horse page on our website where you can find the forms to enable you to do that. http://www.rdaraymondterrace.org.au/Horses/Share-a-Horse.aspx 

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