Slim has been with RDA for 17 months. During this time he has been the friend of many of our older and taller riders – he had a weight limit of 85 kilos including his saddle.

Like many of our horses he is an older horse, but unlike others must have had a bit of a hard time in his earlier working life which had left him with some arthritis in his joints. He was only used for walk and short trots around the arena and taken for walks out in the laneway and through the sensory garden.

Towards the end of last year he got cranky, he didn’t want to be girthed, brushed or lead without being aggressive. He even bit one of the coaches. It was decided that he should be retired at the earliest opportunity. He had a few friends in the paddock including Hogan which was comical to see as they were the original little and large, Hogan small and hairy; Slim tall and sleek.

Tuesday 7th April, 2015 was his last day at RDA, he has now retired back at the property of his owner to live out the remainder of his years. We wish him well and thank Mandy Haye for allowing him to be used at RDA as a therapy horse.

He has always been a bit of a character, always one of the first at the gate looking enquiringly until you went and let him come in for breakfast. When he had his feed he would dribble his gumnuts as his big sloppy, rubbery lips couldn’t keep them contained within his mouth. Ellie the chocolate Labrador became a firm friend and always helped him to clean up what was left on the floor. He would lift his bucket off the fence with his teeth, when he had eaten up and swing it about in his mouth before tossing it on the floor. Mr Caretaker even witnessed it flying through the air one morning and landing with a thump outside his stall. He would then clean up the gumnuts that had fallen into the catcher bucket underneath his main bucket and move that one around too.

If you tickled him behind his nearside elbow he would react by reaching his neck into the air, half close his eyes and whiffle his nose and wobble his lips, such a great reaction and obviously something he really enjoyed.

The following picture was taken the day before he left which was a lovely sunny day and Slim was obviously feeling really photogenic.



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