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Hunter Valley Mushrooms

The heavily laden clay soil at RDA presented a unique challenge in creating our sensory garden trail ride.  We knew that we would need to improve the quality of the soil, otherwise none of our plants would survive the conditions.  After thinking laterally, and fresh on her success in her idea of recycling tyres, Jenny Nicholls thought that locally produced mushroom compost, mixed with sand and soil, would be the answer.

She approached Regina Mullan from Hunter Valley Mushrooms at Campvale, who are the leading mushroom and spawn supplier in the Hunter Valley.  Regina jumped at the chance to be a part of our project, and immediately offered the nutritionally rich mushroom compost that is produced as a by product of her business.  This meant, that yet again, we can recycle items for our garden, and help save the environment at the same time.

Hunter Valley Mushrooms have donated a number of trailer loads of mushroom compost already, and will provide an ongoing supply throughout the establishment phase.  We would like to thank Regina and Hunter Valley Mushrooms for their support of our sensory garden.  Hunter Valley Mushrooms can be found at 933 Richardson Road, Campvale and can be contacted on (02) 4982 8343.

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